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If you are going to eat out in a restaurant, be prepared to pay around 75-115 DKK for a cheap meal during lunch time.Dinner time meals will be closer to 135-205 DKK, which adds up quickly.

Local trains and buses are 24 DKK for a two-zone ticket.

Budget flights to and from Denmark are easy to find as the airport is one of the major hubs in Scandinavia.

So long as you don’t get in the wrong bike lane, they are very welcoming to tourists and, each time I visit the country, I make new local friends. To them, life is meant to be lived not spent in an office. Most tourists only spend a few days in Copenhagen before the high costs of Scandinavia force them to move on.

However, though the country more expensive than, the countryside (especially Jutland), with its rolling hills, lakes, and jagged coastline are worth extending your stay just a little longer.

However, if you stay in fancier accommodation or eat out more often, expect this to be higher!

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As the name of a star cluster in the constellation Cancer, from 1840 (see Praesepe).

Denmark is one of my favorite countries in the world — it’s landscape is beautiful, it’s clean, eco-friendly, still has a medieval Viking charm to it, and the locals love to have a good time (Danes frequently stay out until dawn).

Naust is a word of Old Norse origin, meaning a boat shelter, where ships stand in the wintertime.

The nausts date back to the viking age or the early mediaeval times.

Transportation costs – Train travel across Denmark (Jutland to Copenhagen) costs around 550 DKK. The closer you get to the travel date the higher the cost so be sure to book in advance if you can — it makes a huge difference!