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There are no little bits and screws that may be an issue or get lost when setting up.Take a look and see how much you can save on TODAY!The way the rope is woven also means that you will never need to tip it over to get out pooled water or leaves – the netting is wide but looks great. Fast shipping You will get it within a few days of ordering from within the US and Canada.The Amazon customer service is way above average too, according to other reviews. You can move it around If you’re looking to relax in your living room, this no fuss hammock requires only that you move it.Heavy duty hammock bay isle home calista hammock with stand eno double hammock.

Grand trunk hammock strap multiple hammock stands matheson hammock park beach.If the soil is soft duff, then put a layer of large gravel or skipping stones into the bottom first, to prevent sinking further, whether you sharpen the pole or not.Very interesting :) If I was to try this, and had the cordage, for my own piece of mind I would have to add a couple guy lines to that support pole to keep it upright.Is there anything not to like about the Rope Hammock and Stand Combo Set? There is one reviewer who says that ropes frayed after a few months, but all other reviews say that it lasts a long time and is good value for money.Also, if you are looking specifically for a camping hammock, this hammock and stand is not the thing you want to sure you are correct it wont fall but that's just too wobbly for my taste.