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Except for Unterreichenbach, which belongs to the district of Calw, all of them are included in the Enz district.Ispringen, Neulingen, Kieselbronn, Niefern-Öschelbronn, Wurmberg, Wimsheim, Friolzheim, Tiefenbronn, Neuhausen (Enz), Unterreichenbach, Engelsbrand, Birkenfeld (Enz), Keltern and Kämpfelbach The city of Pforzheim consists of 16 city wards.However, final decisions on the matter will be made by the Pforzheim city council.

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This place was known as Portus (river crossing, harbor), which is believed to be the origin of the first part of the city's name "Pforzheim".A Roman milestone (the so-called 'Leugenstein') from the year 245 and later excavated at nowadays Friolzheim shows the exact distance to 'Portus'; it is the first document about the settlement.The following towns and communities share borderlines with the City of Pforzheim.Below they are mentioned in clockwise order, beginning to the north of the city.Documents mention mayor, judge, council and citizens.

The town walls surrounding the new town were completed at about 1290.

The story of the bombardment is dramatically recounted in the 2011 history book by Giles Milton, entitled Wolfram: The Boy Who Went To War.

In the twenty years following the end of the war, Pforzheim was gradually rebuilt, giving the town a quite modern look and making it home to some landmark buildings of the 1950s.

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Pforzheim and its surrounding area belongs to the "Densely Populated Area Karlsruhe/Pforzheim".