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Doing so necessitates utilizing resources provided by Biogen, analyzing territory performance, defining action plans and implementing local marketing strategies, and organizing programs and related efforts that will positively impact others’ understanding of and interest in the assigned products.

All within the internal and external compliance regulations. Achieving sales goals: Works toward achievement of sales goals set by the organization; Prioritizes activities that drive market share; Applies marketing and business strategy/tactics in order to maximize sales outcomes. Business planning: Develops and executes a territory plan that includes prioritized regional goals; Analyzes data to identify viable opportunities; Coordinates and utilizes available resources (plans and organizes regional events programs, luncheons, materials). Leveraging and coordinating resources: Takes lead role in mobilizing resources in support of customer needs; Uses resources in a smart and impactful way; Digs beneath surface and seeks resources that address the core of an issue; Aligns with othes in overlapping territories; Collaborates with internal teams and cross-functional partners to advance programs and initiatives. Supporting successful patient outcomes: Closely tracks progress of new patients starting treatment (as appropriate in the geography and according to law requirements/restrictions); Informs healthcare providers and other stakeholders regarding access and reimbursement programs (as appropriate in the geography) and ensures appropriate service of Biogen; Ensures availability of product (where applicable); Interacts appropriately with internal compliance experts to ensure efforts are aligned with relevant laws and regulations.

Conducting administrative follow-through: Keeps timely documentation (e.g., expense reports, compliance related, CRM system) and provides inputs required for planning and coordination.

Ensure Performance of Frequency of sales calls on designated customers in the territory; operates in the professional selling approach.ielefeld, Lippstadt, Hamm, Dortmund• a minimum of 3 years of relevant pharmaceutical/health care sales experience, preferably in specialty sales • Proven and sustained track record of reaching and exceeding sales goals • Fluency in German a must; proficiency in English desirable Corporate Overview Through cutting-edge science and medicine, Biogen discovers, develops and delivers worldwide innovative therapies for people living with serious neurological and neurodegenerative diseases.

Honeywell is a Fortune 100 company that invents and manufactures technologies to address some of the world’s toughest challenges linked to global macrotrends such as energy efficiency, clean energy generation, safety and security, globalization and customer productivity.

With approximately 132,000 employees worldwide, including more than 22,000 engineers and scientists, we have an unrelenting focus on performance, quality, delivery, value and technology in everything we make and do.

Investigating the second-wave (Experiment 1), we placed fear acquisition and immediate extinction 45 min after the psychosocial stressor (i.e., at the peak of salivary cortisol, n = 12) or after control (n = 12). Sex and female sex hormones also influence fear conditioning: Women are at a higher risk to develop anxiety and stressor-related disorders than men.

Interestingly, patients with these disorders show impaired fear extinction and extinction recall, and low levels of the sex hormone 17β-estradiol (E2) are linked to impaired extinction in both, healthy and patient female samples.Stress induces multiple hormonal and neurotransmitter changes dynamically developing over time, including a fast first-wave and a slower second-wave stress response.Models derived from avoidance learning and declarative memory studies suggest that stress effects on memory depend on the temporal proximity between learning and stressor: encoding close to the stressor will be enhanced, but encoding and recall later in time (during the second-wave) will be suppressed (e.g., Schwabe, Joëls, Roozendaal, Wolf, & Oitzl, 2012).Classical fear conditioning – including acquisition and extinction – is a model for fear learning and memory in health and disease.Moreover, trauma-related disorders can be viewed as comprising fear acquisition under severe stress.In Experiment 3, CPT (n = 20) or control (n = 20) was placed after acquisition but directly prior to extinction training.