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Once a telegram arrives from the King, congratulating her on her 100th birthday, there is even more ruckus in the Varnæs family, which holds the feast in her honor. Also arriving to witness Nyborg's exhibit is Gitte Graae, Jørgen Varnæs' home-wrecking and increasingly expensive lady friend.Mads Skjern also has his eye on the arts, but with different intentions.[1] A second 2006 13-DVD region 0 box set also included English subtitles for a wider audience.[2] The series was widely popular in neighbouring Norway, Sweden, and Germany, and it has been broadcast in more than 20 countries worldwide, one of which was Australia, here also widely popular when broadcast on Australian SBS TV in Danish with English subtitles.

They fall in love, but their liaison is impossible due to the rivalry of their respective families. To the horror of the bourgeoisie, Vicki, now a young widow, sells the shop to Mads Andersen-Skjern and moves to Copenhagen, against her father's will.

(Lit.: "One Man's Death", this from the Danish business expression "One man's death, another man's bread" ("Da.: Den Enes Død, Den Andens Brød")) Written by: Paul Hammerich. Arnesen is in the shambles, and even Varnæs cannot aid him financially any further. His wife Vicki returns gleeming with a fresh driver's license, but finds him dead. Jørgen Varnæs lands a nasty adultery scandal, gets divorced and is dismissed as the conservative party candidate for the parliament. Elisabeth adds salt by moving out of the Varnæs residence and into her own apartment.

Arnesen struggle with comprehending his new rival, while also battling issues with his very young and lively wife, Vicki, the daughter of Colonel Hackel, and her poodle Daisy, who finds an untimely intimate relationship in the middle of the main street with Oluf Larsen's less-than-pedigree mutt Kvik. Schwann, has inherited a large sum, he persuades him to become his partner; the snobby Mr.

Schwann gleefully throws his entire inheritance into Damernes Magasin, prolonging the inevitable for a few months. Mads' business continues to thrive and he even begins issuing loans to the locals.

Receiving only haughty condescension from the upper-class, Mads finds local allies in the family of pig trader Oluf Larsen and his wife Kathrine, who has more money than meets the eye.

Failing to secure a loan from local, third-generation banker Hans Christian Varnæs and his esteemed Korsbæk Bank, Mads borrows money both from his Jutland family and the Larsens, and he purchases a shop opposite "Damernes Magasin" (lit.: "the Ladies' Store"), Arnesen's store.

Their apprentice, Arnold, on the other hand, quits and joins the enemy "over there" to a doubled salary and ditto respect. When the local Baroness finds out that Mads is considerably cheaper than Arnesen, she takes her business to Skjern, signaling that even the upper class begins to abandon Arnesen's old store. His younger brother Kristen, a banker, arrives in Korsbæk to assist.

Kristen is quickly smitten with Maude's sister Elisabeth, who otherwise lives in the shadow of her sister.

The series has become part of the modern self-understanding of Danes, partly because of its successful mix of melodrama and a distinct warm Danish humour in the depiction of characters, which were portrayed by a wide range of the most popular Danish actors at the time; but also not least because of its accurate portrayal of a turbulent Denmark from around the start of the Great Depression and through Nazi Germany's occupation of Denmark in World War II.

The distinctive and, in Denmark, celebrated theme tune of the series was composed by Bent Fabricius-Bjerre.

"Over to the dresser and back again", a sort of 'Back and Forth' expression.") Written by: Paul Hammerich. The Varnæsses' maid, Agnes Jensen, quits her job to get married to railway employee and local communist, Lauritz "Red" Jensen, but to her dismay, Red quickly invites a German refugee, the poet Herbert Schmidt, to live with them in the spirit of solidarity. Skjold Hansen's daughter Iben arrives in town, having cancelled an upcoming wedding in Germany, and begins flirting with Kristen Skjern.