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We feel a sense of obligation towards our community, our environment and our future and, for this reason, we have committed to executing events in a responsible and ecologically correct manner. Without fancy certificates, carbon footprint calculators and carbon offset payments, but with a great deal of sincerity, the will to bring about change and ideas which will have an impact on the event sector.

DACHSER uses this know-how to set trends in the industry.

Trade show appearances are the pinnacle of live communication.

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Auction dates: Afternoons every Tuesday, 2.00 pm Mornings every Friday, 10.00 am With its brand, Auktion & Markt AG is one of the leading used vehicle marketers in Europe.

Auktion & Markt AG is a medium size, owner-operated company.

The team finds a new home in Portland, Oregon—in proximity to Nike’s WHQ.

The opening of the Munich branch is also carried out this year.

Hardly any company foregoes the opportunity to reach out to customers, employees, business partners, job applicants and members of the media through corporate events.

As diverse as the goals and formats of these events can be, so varied and inexhaustible are the technical and architectural options for staging events and ensuring that the event makes a lasting impression on the guests.

This offering encompasses classic technical services, such as lighting, audio and video support, and extends to scenic and interior design, furniture, graphics, exhibit construction, and custom builds.

We link industry specialists from various disciplines, cutting-edge equipment, and modern transport logistics to ensure your event is executed flawlessly—from start to finish.

Old factories, abandoned movie theaters and former department stores and engine sheds are converted into event venues, with a new event-specific purpose. Will I be getting adequate support for all technical problems?

Combining art and technology is an inspiring by-product of our work as a technical service provider. And above all: did I make the right equipment decision?

Its core business is the marketing of used vehicles throughout Europe in online and live auctions.