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This requirement limits reef-building coral to the upper 65 feet or so of water where sufficient light exists for photosynthesis.

Of course, the dead carbonate "skeletons" of the coral can continue to exist at much greater depths.

This reef was thoroughly investigated by deep core drillings in preparation for its use as a test-site for a hydrogen bomb explosion.

This atoll is roughly circular with all the standard characteristics of a growing reef.

These unconformities contain pollen from seed-bearing shrubs and trees, which indicates there were periods when the reef surface was above sea level (and so no coral growth at the surface) which lasted long enough for land plants to colonize the surface.

With this information we are ready to calculate the age of the Eniwetok reef.

They have a shallow lagoon in the middle and the open ocean lies toward the outside.

Other features include: (1) a steep slope towards the ocean outside that descends into the depths; (2) a flat reef-platform between the island and the steep slope; (3) faster-growing corals on the windward, outer side; (4) storm-broken pieces of coral on th e windward side, many of which have fallen partway down the slope and become fused to the reef; (5) slower-growing corals on the leeward (down-wind) side of the island.

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Deep sea drilling at several atolls in the Pacific has confirmed this theory of reef growth, revealing volcanic rock below the corals.

We will here concentrate on one atoll - Eniwetok - as an example of how we can determine the age of a reef.

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